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Home cycling – it is

Home cycling – it is
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Exercise bikes are one of the most sought-after home training apparatus. Despite the constant appearance on the market of new, innovative simulators, they remain the favorites of consumers. There are several types of uk exercise bikes, it is easy to choose the right exercise bike based on your individual needs.

  1. Upright exercise bike

These bikes are among the most popular indoor exercise bikes. They are designed like regular bicycles. The handlebars of the bike are almost parallel to the seat. Upright exercise bikes involve tilting the body forward, holding the handlebars with your hands while pedaling.

  1. Horizontal bicycles

These exercise bikes, unlike upright stationary bicycles, are not designed to simulate outdoor cycling. Instead, they are designed in a laid-back manner, the seat is almost horizontal with pedals, it is not a regular bicycle seat, but more like a chair. When riding a horizontal bike, a handlebar is not required.

  1. Double action exercise bikes

This trainer is the least similar to a traditional road bike. The reason for this is that it is designed to train not only the legs, but the upper body.

Dual-action stationary bicycles consist of a conventional stationary bike (available in both vertical and horizontal positions) with movable handlebars.

What muscles work on an exercise bike

In the horizontal or vertical simulators, the muscles of the lower extremities work – the quadriceps, biceps muscles of the thigh, adductors, as well as the muscles of the lower leg and gluteal muscles. In an incline when riding an upright exercise bike, stabilizers are indirectly involved in the work – abdominal muscles.

As for the double-action exercise bikes, this is the only type in which all muscle groups are trained at the same time. Additionally, the muscles of the chest, back, deltoids, triceps and biceps of the shoulder work.