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How to Build a Cat Wall at Home?

cat sleeping in the house
Photo by Barbel Kobus on Unsplash

A climbing wall is definitely a very good idea for many different practical reasons. On the one hand, it helps to protect your valuable furniture from attacks by representatives of feline fidgets.

This, of course, only applies if you understand the tastes of these demanding animals. Climbing walls, if made correctly, can also serve as a wonderful wall decoration.

In part, they can combine several functions.

Various materials for the design of the cat wall

The design of cat wall furniture should start with choosing the right material. The most suitable are, as a rule, natural materials and, above all, wood.

Some cats prefer PVC or a combination of natural materials and textiles.

cat sleeping
Photo by J Cruikshank on Unsplash

Two factors are of particular importance in the selection process. First, you need to decide which material is best suited for your interior design.

In addition, you should consider whether the climbing wall should complement the usual functions, for example, for sharpening nails or for playing.

If desired, integrate playful elements into the climbing cat wall.

Games and a climbing wall

In addition to the usual climbing, cats on such the Feandrea wall can do even more fun things.

Different models offer many possibilities. Cats can run on sloping surfaces, pass through different holes, or jump from one level to another.

Comfortable raised areas with pleasant textiles are a popular place for even two cats to play at the same time.

cat on the furniture
Photo by Suna Onne on Unsplash

In appearance, they should be in good harmony with the surrounding environment.

Due to the colour of the walls for cats, they can visually disappear on the wall or, conversely, create a contrast with it. Also, in shape and size, this feline device should match the rest of the room’s design.

In some cases, cat climbing walls can also be used as storage.