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How to Choose the Right Bedding

white bedding
Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash
pink pastel bedding
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What could be more pleasant than waking up in the morning in a cozy bed with beautiful bed dress, slowly stretching and smiling at a new day? But if you didn’t sleep well all night because the sheet is rumpled, your head is sweating on the pillow, or the fabric is prickly, then your bed linen is wrong. Even an unsuccessfully chosen color affects the quality of sleep, so here you need to take into account all the parameters.


Let’s start with the most important: what the sets are sewn from. After all, the material is the basis of quality and determines the appearance, price, wear resistance and softness.

When buying, pay attention to the composition of the fabric, and not just the name, since there are situations when frankly synthetic products are hidden behind “good” names. For example, satin – can be made from 100% cotton, and then it is a wonderful choice for the whole family. But sometimes satin is made of synthetics, and it will bring nothing but disappointment. The same is true for other types of fabrics.

Dimensions and composition of the set

beautiful bedding
Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Agree, it will be a shame if the brand new set does not fit in size: the sheet will be smaller than the mattress, or the pillowcases will not fit on the pillows. To prevent this from happening, before you go shopping, you should measure the pillows, blanket and mattress (you also need to add the height to the width and length of the bed so that it is convenient to fill the sheet).

Tailoring quality

Good underwear is sewn from a single linen. If a duvet cover or sheet is assembled from several pieces with a seam in the middle, then this indicates low-quality workmanship, and it is simply inconvenient in daily use.