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Show Off Your Fandom With Custom Anime Pins

Show Off Your Fandom With Custom Anime Pins
Photo by Didhin Kurian on Unsplash

No matter if you’re into anime, manga, comics or another fandom, there are plenty of pins available to choose from. Whether you want to give your favorite characters some new accessories or simply show off your support for anime and manga culture, custom anime pins make the ideal choice.

1. Pokemon Pins

Show off your Pokemon fandom with these custom Anime Pins. You’ll be amazed at the range of stylish options available, whether you prefer something small and portable or large and impressive – there’s sure to be something that suits your preferences.

One of the most beloved types of Pokemon memorabilia is this shiny trinket that can be found in many TCG boxes and official online merchandise. These gems often take the shape of Pokemon, Gym Badges or full scenes that change when twisted.

Photo by Kaja Sariwating on Unsplash

Pins look great attached to lanyards, backpacks and purses. Additionally, TCG card binders – the way TCG cards are stored – make ideal additions.

At Pax West 2022 in Los Angeles, WillPostTweets reported that those who took time out to play a demo of Pokemon Trading Card Game were awarded with an exclusive pin. But this glittering pin only remained available for a limited period of time – according to WillPostTweets!

Due to its rarity, this pin has become highly sought after by button-sized collectible enthusiasts. Prices for limited edition pins start at $105, with some going as high as $150. Though these more expensive pins may be difficult to come by, rest assured: this pin will make a great addition to any collection!

2. Digimon Pins

Digimon may not be as well-known in the West as Pokemon, but its fan base remains strong nonetheless. While its anime has had an uneven distribution here, fans have kept Digimon alive through translation patches and full English releases of games.

In 2022, a new season of Digimon Adventure is coming and there’s plenty to love about it. Aside from an endearing Digimon in love with Riku Fukazu (like Pokemon’s Charmander and Charizard), there’s also an evil Digimon that looks like a teddy bear Digimon, a demon who turns people into dolls, and even a traveling fortune teller who can solve any problem you throw at it.

Though all these Digimon are cute and charming, life isn’t always smooth sailing for Hiro, Kiyoshiro, or Ruli. In fact, one of them is actively trying to harm someone.

Kiyoshiro’s friend Emma Haynes is one such individual; she was an exchange student who expressed her curiosity about Digimon and their existence. When she visited Kiyoshiro’s school, she inquired about Gammamon and others, eventually learning that she has been taken captive by a group of demons to take part in their cruel game of hunting human specimens.

Kiyoshiro and his group soon come across a mysterious Digimon named Sepikmon that exists somewhere between life and death. After experiencing a near-death experience, Kiyoshiro is haunted by the voice of this Digital Monster; with help from their Digimon they manage to locate him and save him.

3. Pokebob Pins

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and cuddly animals, then these hilarious Pokebob acrylic pins will surely delight. Each hard enamel mashup features your favorite Pokemon mixed up with snacks and treats for the ideal gift for friends or yourself! Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to show off your fandom through custom anime pins!

Are you an avid Pokemon fan who adores the classic games? Check out this Gameboy Advance X Pokemon Pin! It features a hinge that opens like real game cartridge, sure to bring smiles all around!

What other amazing anime pins are you currently collecting? Let us know in the comments below! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more awesome collectibles!

4. Yu-Gi-Oh Pins

Yu-Gi-Oh is a Japanese trading card game that requires strategy, strategy, and more strategy. If you’re an admirer of the anime or game, these 1.75 inch high quality pins are the ideal way to show your love for one of Japan’s most recognizable properties. Choose from your favorite duelist, monster or trap card in all its glory – and don’t worry – these pins will arrive quickly for addition to your collection!

5. Sailor Scout Pins

Sailor Moon Pins are an entertaining and easy way to show your fandom, especially if you’re searching for something that will spark conversation. These unique items can be found at specialty shops or online, making them great additions to any collection. Plus, they make perfect gifts for anime enthusiasts on your list since they can be personalized with information about yourself and your favorite character.

The Sailor Moon Saga is an animated series that follows the adventures of six female superheroes known as Sailor Scouts. Each has their own special abilities that help them combat evil forces; these include Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter; each having unique attacks to help them conquer their foes.

Sailor Moon can transform into the Super Sailor Moon, a magical star capable of performing powerful finshing moves that can easily defeat most opponents.

Another great thing about this pin is its adjustable size – it fits any jacket, shirt or bag! Plus it comes in various colors to match any outfit or accessory perfectly. Furthermore, it includes two backing posts for extra security. In addition, you can always buy an acrylic stand figurine of your favorite character.

6. Harry Potter Pins

Fans looking to add some flair to their jacket, bag or cap can accessorize with these fanmade pins. Choose from an array of designs like Pokemon, Hogwarts or Digimon; these unique accessories also serve as a way to proudly show off your fandom to those around you.

Harry Potter
Photo by Matt Hudson on Unsplash

This month, The Harry Potter Fan Club by Wizarding World Digital unveiled a collection of collectible pin badges honoring J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. This assortment offers an extensive selection of pins including limited editions and sets.

At present, there are four first-edition Hogwarts House enamel pin sets (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin), each featuring six never-before-seen pins representing different aspects of each house. Each set comes with an Enchanted Key that fans can scan using the free Harry Potter Fan Club app to unlock exclusive content related to their pins.

The collection also features an assortment of Quidditch and Crookshanks-themed premium enamel pins with a glossy finish that can be attached to your jacket, coat or bag to add an eye-catching flair to your ensemble. Plus, these adorable pins make great gifts for Harry Potter enthusiasts everywhere!