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Buy equestrian equipment for your beloved hobby

Buy equestrian equipment for your beloved hobby
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Equestrian sport, like any other activity, requires certain equipment and training. The choice of saddle, protection and stirrups is very important. Of course, sports outfit is much more difficult to buy than casual clothing. How to choose the right equipment and what to look for when buying?

Overcoming obstacles is a difficult direction of equestrian sports, in which not a small part of success depends on high-quality and properly selected equipment. When it comes to support points and ensuring security, it is not superfluous to remember about safety stirrups. It is very important to understand how different models of stirrups (especially new high-tech options) affect your biomechanics and can help you ride more correctly, comfortably, confidently and safely.

Choosing the stirrups that best suit your level and your goals may seem like a difficult task. But with a little thought, you can find the perfect solution.

The choice of stirrups for a rider engaged in disciplines related to overcoming obstacles is influenced by the following factors: rider level, discipline, sports ambitions and aspirations, presence of physiological problems, requirements for the comfort level, budget.

If you are competing (or planning to participate in tournaments in the future), it is important to know what is acceptable and “legal” for your discipline. You can ask for advice from a trainer if you do not have information about which stirrups you can use on the field.

It will also be useful to watch video reviews of stirrups on the Internet. This way you will be able to find out whether specific stirrups are suitable for you, taking into account their technical characteristics.

It is not uncommon for manufacturers of stirrups to take into account the anatomical features and problems of riders, it has a great importance for athletes who have problems with joints, etc.