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What Does the Cost of Renting an Airplane Include?

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Business aviation has a number of advantages over regular flights. The overwhelming majority of clients are representatives of the business community, political and creative elite. The only disadvantage of business aviation is the high cost.

Aircraft classes

One of the key price-forming factors is the aircraft class. Private planes can be divided into the following groups:

  • turboprop: characterized by compact size and the ability to land at almost any airport. They are good for short-distance flights;
  • ultralight and light jet: they develop a fairly high speed (over 800 kilometers per hour). They are able to cover a distance of about 2-2.6 thousand kilometers without refueling. The cost of renting them is bigger. They are best to get to your destination quickly, this is an ideal option;
  • medium and medium-haul: they have a higher passenger capacity. They reach speeds of up to 900 kilometers per hour. Many of them are able to cover distances of 5-6 thousand kilometers. They are the optimal combination of cost, comfort and flight characteristics, so the rental of business jets in this category is widely in demand;
  • large and long-haul: they are high-capacity airliners. Several dozen passengers can be accommodated on board such an aircraft, which is important for large delegations, sports and creative teams. Most of these aircraft is capable of making a non-stop flight over a distance of more than 10 thousand kilometers. The cost of renting them is the highest.
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Photo by Niklas Jonasson on Unsplash

The price is also affected by the year of manufacture of the aircraft and its manufacturer. The newer the plane, the more expensive it is.

Other factors affecting the rental price

The final cost of renting a business jet is calculated individually. It can be influenced by:

  • the size of the hourly rate in a particular season;
  • the number of hours the aircraft spends in flight;
  • idle boarding;
  • fuel consumption;
  • catering;
  • airport service;
  • anti-icing compound fuselage treatment;
  • additional requirements of the client.

How to save money on renting a business jet

There are several options that will help to reduce the cost of rent.

Study the offers of flight organizers, compare prices, choose the best aircraft option. For example, a light aircraft will be enough to fly a short distance.

You can reduce the cost of the flight by choosing a less well-known airport for landing, which charges small fees. For example, if you are flying to the capital of the UK, you can land at Stansted Airport, and not in London City. This will save about 2 thousand dollars.

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The models of recent years are too expensive. The best option is an aircraft produced no more than 10 years ago. Such machines have modern technical equipment, while the cost of their order is cheaper.

You can also save on food. For example, if you order a short-term private jet Sion, you should stop at an inexpensive business lunch. However, for long flights, it is necessary to organize a full meal.

Significant savings (up to 75%) are provided by the “Empty Legs” system. This option is suitable for those who fly only one way and are ready to adjust to an already planned flight.

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