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How to choose a Pandora bracelet?

How to choose a Pandora bracelet
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What is charm? These are small pendants that play the role of jewelry on bracelets. The highlight of this type of products is that they can be easily removed / put on an accessory, and thereby change the look, color, shape and style of your bracelet.

What are the parts of a real fashion bracelet? The base is the largest part of the bracelet, similar to a metal string that is fixed around the wrist. Stoppers (or clips) are charms that can be used to divide the bracelet into zones.

The first thing to start with assembling a bracelet is choosing a base. Most girls prefer the silver version. However, today in the assortment of pandora outlet uk jewelry you can find a wide variety of options. These are bases from precious metals (platinum, silver, gold), textiles, leather.

Leather goods can be found in a wide variety of colors. This includes calm tones (brown, black and white) and bright shades (red, green, yellow, blue).

When choosing a basis, you should take into account some of the nuances.

The length of the metal bracelet should exceed the circumference of the wrist by 2 -3 cm.

Leather version of the bracelet can stretch over time from use, so its length should not exceed the arm’s volume by more than 2 cm.

When choosing, it is also worth considering the thickness of the hands. For girls with thin hands, delicate leather products are more suitable. But for ladies with a lush strong hand, jewelry with a metal base is more suitable in style.

And the last tip: choose a piece of jewelry for every day, then you’d better take a silver bracelet. It will be worn for a long time and will not require a huge amount of worries. But the festive option can be bought from leather or textiles.