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Shopping for fun

Shopping for fun
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What is prop money for? Many people use them to make friends, relatives or acquaintances laugh. Putting someone in a funny position, creating a situation in which people can have a lot of fun.

For example, you came to someone’s birthday and presented a pack of 100-dollar bills as a gift. Or you went with friends to have fun in the nearest bar, and then, pretending to be pretty drunk, start throwing large bills at the bar, or in a circle of dancers.

You can declare that you will buy this entire establishment without leaving it. Probably, when people figure out how you made fun of them, there will be a lot of fun. At the same time, you can pre-fill all the pockets with bundles of funny money and even hide them in socks. In the end, it turns out that the evening was a success! The conclusion is simple, fake money, serves, first of all, to raise the mood and funny extraordinary jokes.

Fake money includes such types as, for example: advertising banknotes, both double-sided and one-sided, banknotes, game bills, circus tickets in the form of banknotes, banknotes that are specially printed for filming films, banknotes intended for developing children’s horizons, and so like that.

Prop (souvenir) money is the twins of the original banknotes, sold as a regular commodity. The difference from counterfeit banknotes can be seen on the outside and back. In a certain way, they indicate that this banknote is not intended to pay for goods and services – this is indicated in the form of standard inscriptions. But they will allow you to perform a funny prank in the company of friends or produce a shock that later turns into general fun. In most cases, copies of real money can be bought at any stationery store or gift shop. The standard method for making replica money is printing.