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Why are wooden toys worth buying?

Why are wooden toys worth buying?
Photo by Soraya Irving on Unsplash

No matter how perfect the modern plastics used in the production of children’s toys, nothing will ever replace natural wood. It is pleasant, safe, durable! And in order for toys for a child from this material to bring him only joy, when choosing them, one must pay attention to a number of factors.

There are many reasons for the popularity of this natural material. Today, for example, one of the main ones is its environmental safety: wooden toys will not harm either a child (they have no toxic waste) or nature (they use renewable raw materials for their production, and processing is very simple and does not lead to damage to the environment). But apart from this characteristic, such children’s products are extremely attractive. Wooden toys are warm and pleasant to the touch, and their slightly rough surface is of great interest to young children. They are hard, durable, it is almost impossible to break or even more so to break into many fragments, so the risk of injury to oneself by small parts is lower for a child. And such toys perfectly demonstrate the connection between the volume and weight of an object according to Montessori – for very young children who are just exploring the world, this example is better than plastic, where the huge size of a toy does not mean the same mass at all.

Be sure to hold such toys from toy shop uk in your hands. They should not have cracks, irregularities and splinters, make sure that there are no visible streaks of glue at the joints of different parts and a characteristic chemical smell (only a pleasant scent of wood!). All the surfaces of the toy should be sanded, and the paint does not crack and peels off from rubbing.