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A Gamer’s Advice On Choosing The Best Kind Of Video Card

A Gamer’s Advice On Choosing The Best Kind Of Video Card
Image by Abigail Diseno from Pixabay

If gaming’s your passion, you need a desktop computer that will have all the bells and whistles to will allow you to play your heart out. Choosing the best desktop PC, however, can be a hard decision. You may find it hard to tell if the options the high-end models offer are worth price?

On the other hand, if you buy a cheaper model, you may find yourself regretting it over time. Especially if a new game comes out that you are not equipped to play. Here are some tips to help you pick the most appropriate PC for gaming.

Resolution. Whatever monitor you choose, the PC you buy should be able to support your LCD’s native resolution and possibly its maximum resolution, as well.

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Native resolution refers to the number of pixels it supports without scaling the image up or down. If the video card on your PC can’t support the native resolution you will sacrifice image quality. The images will have to be scaled to fit the display which is less than ideal for serious gamers.

Interface type. You’ll find that DVI cables typically provide sharper images than VGA. Your video connectors on your PC should match your monitor. Converters are available but they don’t always work and sometimes the image is poor.

Serious gamers would never buy a computer with integrated video. Sure, it’s a cost saving, but it focuses on price over quality. Often it means other features have been reduced to keep the cost down.

The best choice is a PC that uses a dedicated video card. It pays to do your homework. Check the model number on Google and read some reviews or go on some other web sites to determine if the card has enough power to allow you to play the game at the proper resolution.

However, if you only play Flash or Facebook games, you can stick with integrated video.