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Don’t miss interesting films and TV shows

Don't miss interesting films and TV shows.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Any business should be started with a well thought out plan of action.  When you go shopping, you make a shopping list.  Choosing gifts for family and friends, you make (even if only mentally) a list of their interests and hobbies.  If you need to buy, for example, a new sofa or dishwasher, you will first determine which parameters (color, size, energy intensity, usability, price, and so on) are acceptable for you.  Obviously, a thoughtful and prepared action will be more successful.  Ironically, it works with leisure activities as well.  When choosing which movie or TV show to watch, make a list of your requirements and study the offer.

Today television is ready to please viewers with films and shows for every taste.  Sometimes this is what creates problems because too wide a choice makes it difficult to make a decision.  It’s good that there is a site whose team has already done a great job to sort for you the most interesting television events of the near future.  By visiting the UK Air Dates website, you will find announcements and trailers, lists of interesting new products, sequels to already known shows, show dates, and channels where you can watch what interests you.

Spring 2021 will delight fans of a wide variety of genres.  Those who are interested in the history of space exploration will plunge into the alternative reality of For All Mankind with interest.  Sci-fi and action are mixed in Intergalactic.  The dark history of the haunted house in Hausen will attract horror lovers. For those interested in Batman’s universe, it will be interesting to know the backstory of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s butler.  Do you know that Alfred is a former British Special Operations Executive? Well, those who are waiting for life stories, let them pay attention to Breeders.  This is perhaps the best and funniest and at the same time serious series about the life of modern parents.  Martin Freeman (Fargo, Sherlock) himself contributed to the script, and this is a lot of his story, very personal and very frank. Competition with other parents at school, sleepless nights, the desire to combine full-fledged parenting with a career, regular visits to the emergency room… The series takes every topic, exaggerates a little, and tells us about this situation in the format of a short series. You will have something to laugh about and something to think about.

Well, have you already made a list of what you would like to see?  Sit in front of your TV and relax!