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Building a water supply system: pipe choice criteria

Building a water supply system: pipe choice criteria
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To prevent water from becoming the root of local problems in a single apartment, you need to take care of a reliable system for its transportation. Choose appropriate pipes and call plumbing and heating in Reading for their installation.

Not so long ago, steel products were leaders in the organization of internal water supply. No one even thought about which pipes to choose for water supply – steel pipes were installed everywhere. The reason is simple – there were no alternatives. Today, when there is a great choice, popularity of steel pipes has decreased, but there is still a demand for them.

Main advantages:

  •  low price. Steel pipes are almost the most affordable way to organize a water supply system;
  •  high mechanical strength;
  •  ability to withstand temperatures up to 100C, sudden temperature jumps and pressure rises. That is why it is a universal option that is suitable for both cold and hot water supply.

Stainless steel pipes are as strong as pipes made of ordinary and galvanized steel, withstand pressure and temperature changes, and are not afraid of impacts. Moreover, corrosion of such pipes is not terrible, so the upper limit of durability exceeds 50 years.

Copper pipes can boast a unique appearance, so they can easily become a decoration of the interior, made in a retro style. Appearance is not the only advantage of this type of pipe, among other advantages:

  • high resistance to temperature deformations;
  • durability up to 70 years;
  • resistance to high temperatures and increased system pressure;
  • corrosion resistance and less tendency to overgrowth compared to steel pipes;
  • complete safety for health, since the interaction of chlorine with copper does not form dangerous compounds. Unlike steel, copper does not spoil the taste of water.